About the Company

I love design!  The happiness that it brings to my clients' everyday lives is amazing.  As a kid, I used to move furniture around my room, and contemplate the most efficient layout.  My parents were kind (and brave) enough to let me redecorate rooms in our family home, time, and time again.  I became a major DIY enthusiast out of necessity to stretch a budget.  So I learned how to paint a straight line, tile floors, make furniture (kind-of!), and re-imagine the lackluster and make it shine again.

I attended the Boston Architectural College's Masters of ID program after graduating from Suffolk University with a Marketing degree.  I opened the doors of my company, Julia Landers Design, in 2004, and alternately worked on my company and for two local designers until 2010, when I took a five year hiatus to have my wonderful kids.

A referral from a past client set the ball rolling for the doors to once again open for my company in 2015.  It was a busy first year back!  I changed the name of my company in the beginning of 2017, to 'The Clever Designer', which plays off my married name, but also reflects one of the most important aspects of my company:  Refreshing existing pieces of furniture so clients love them again, utilizing a space that has long been underused, knowing when to "splurge" and when to "save", and to gather pieces from many different sources to create a distinctly unique and personal look.  The goal: to create a design that reflects the way my client's live, the things they love, and what makes them happy everyday.